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TEAM 2: Oncogenesis of melanoma (team leader: Nicolas DUMAZ)

Main projects: (recent publications below)

I- Signal transduction in melanoma (N. Dumaz)

The recent discoveries in signal transduction in melanoma have allowed a better understanding of the molecular biology behind the development of melanoma. Improvement in our knowledge of alterations in signal transduction pathways in melanoma has led to the rapid development of a number of pharmacological agents that inhibit these pathways. We are studying signal transduction downstream of the oncogenes altered in these melanomas to highlight novel targets for therapies. We are also using these models to improve our understanding of the mechanisms of resistance to novel targeted therapies and find ways to circumvent them.


II- Characterizing melanoma Genetic Biomarkers involved in melanoma susceptibility and progression (N. Soufir, V. Descamps and N. Basset-Seguin)

Pigmentation traits as well as high ultraviolet (UV) exposure are well known risk factors for melanoma. In addition to major susceptibility genes (CDKN2A, CDK4, BAP1), several genetic markers have been identified that modulate melanoma risk. Our first aim is to further identify risk alleles for melanoma susceptibility, in order to improve this predictive test to target the population at risk of melanoma for prevention and screening. Our second aim is to characterize new major melanoma predisposing genes. Our third aim is to characterize new genetic biomarkers involved in melanoma progression and prognosis.


III- Targeted therapies of the tumour microenvironment (S. Mourah, C. Lebbé and D. Darmoul)

Melanoma tumours interact with, and react to, the adjacent microenvironment in a bidirectional manner through molecular signals that modulate the malignant phenotype. This microenvironment is known to promote invasion by cooperating with the tumour cells and supporting their survival, proliferation and production of proteinases essential for degrading the extracellular matrix. We are studying the melanoma microenvironment to identify novel strategies to target tumour-microenvironment interactions and also understand the influence of the microenvironment on therapeutic targeting of melanoma.

Main recent publications:



1: Vallarelli AF, Rachakonda PS, André J, Heidenreich B, Riffaud L, Bensussan A, Kumar R and Dumaz N. TERT promoter mutations in melanoma render TERT expression dependent on MAPK pathway activation. Oncotarget. 2016 Jul 16. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.10634.


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1: Nicolas Dumaz, Jocelyne André, Aurélie Sadoux, Florence Laugier, Marie Pierre Podgorniak, Samia Mourah, Céleste Lebbé. Driver Kit mutations in melanoma cluster in four hot spots. Melanoma Research 25:88-90 (link to Suppl. Data)

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